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About Me

Specialized Virtual Support for Addiction, Depression, and Gaming-Related Challenges

I offer specialized virtual support to help you overcome addiction, depression, and gaming-related challenges. Our sessions are conducted entirely through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video calling platform, providing a convenient and confidential way to receive the guidance and assistance you need. With my expertise and effective strategies, together we can address these challenges head-on and work towards your recovery and personal growth.

Evidence-Based Interventions and Practical Strategies for Personal Growth

Specializing in addiction, depression, and gaming-related challenges, my virtual services provide evidence-based interventions and practical strategies for your personal growth. Through our secure video calling platform, we can navigate the complexities and struggles associated with these issues. By addressing them directly, we can empower you to regain control of your life and create positive change.

Empowerment, Authenticity, and Overcoming Social Anxiety

Break free from social anxiety and redefine societal expectations through our virtual sessions. I am dedicated to helping you find healthier paths and embrace authenticity, empowering you to overcome social anxiety and navigate the challenges of modern life. With my expertise and licensing in Nebraska and Florida, I am here to provide compassionate support as we work together towards your personal growth and a more fulfilling life.


2019 - 2021

Education Specialist: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I hold a specialist degree in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which I earned from Florida State University in 2021. This advanced degree has equipped me with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective counseling and support.

2019 - 2021

Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I completed my Master's degree in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Florida State University, gaining comprehensive training and expertise in counseling practices. This rigorous program equipped me with the necessary skills to offer professional support and guidance.

2015 - 2017

Bachelor of Science: Psychology & Sociology

During my time at Florida State University, I pursued a double major in Psychology and Sociology from 2015 to 2017, gaining a solid foundation in understanding human behavior and social dynamics. I also contributed to research in a neuroscience lab, exploring the connection between cognitive processes, automatic processes, and long-term memory. This experience deepened my understanding of the complexities of the human mind and enhanced my academic pursuits.

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